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We believe that communication changes the world

Communication can overthrow governments, decide elections and create iconic brands.

With the right timing and appropriate communication, companies can win market shares, manifest brands, increase revenues and minimize risks.

But, in a world of 347,222 tweets per minute, 18,000 hour of video content every hour, and over 18,050 Danish articles a day, it has never been more difficult for a company to get an overview and at the same time been so easy to measure the wrong things.

With relevant insight into the effect of communication, companies can make the right strategic decisions about their communication and change their world one message at a time.

Infomedia is the strategic partner that provides insight and advice to strengthen our client’s strategic efforts across different business areas, markets, and national borders.

Edward Snowden

With the unveiling of the US secret mass surveillance Edward Snowden checkmated large areas of political USA.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the world’s most iconic communicators and is still quoted for his strong messages.


#metoo began with a single woman, a hashtag and a tweet. Then it took over the international agenda.

Donald Trump

You can say a lot about Trump, but he has taken the most powerful political office – and his communication got him there.

Red Bull

Red Bull basically sells cans. But their brand is much more than that. Red Bull is a sport, it is adventure, music and world records – their product is secondary.

Barack Obama

Few of us knew Obama before he entered the presidential race. The words “Yes, we can” won him the battle of the world’s most powerful political office.


Tesla has an agenda bigger than cars. They talk about energy and sustainability and have created a unique position in the world market with their strong messages.

Oprah Winfrey

Among thousands of talkshow hosts Oprah has used her communicative platform to build a business empire. Her brand is so strong, that she now considered a potential presidential candidate.


#dieselgate has been one of the biggest business scandals in recent times, and that sticks to Volkswagen, even though other car manufacturers were caught doing the same.


23. marts

Danish market leader in social media intelligence enters Sweden

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Infomedia to deliver their best result since 2013

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19. februar

Infomedia goes global with acquisition of Opoint Technology

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A visionary DRIVER in technology, development and data

Infomedia has been through an extensive digital transformation. We were the first in the Nordics to completely digitalize press clippings. We have gone from cutting with scissors and snail mail, to global digital media monitoring. Today, the daily media monitoring is supplemented with advanced dashboards, user-friendly apps and integrated communication solutions and consultancy.

It is a part of our DNA to be digital, to invest in technology and to challenge the future’s possibilities.

We use technologies as machine learning and AI to set new standards for insights into the media landscape.

But technology will not do it alone. To ensure that our algorithms are among the best on areas such as sentiment scoring, relevance assessment and automated categorizing, we need data. A lot of data. Every day we crawl hundreds of thousands of media and gather more than 3 million articles that are delivered to +100,000 client across the world.

Thorough understanding of technology, strong partnerships, the right skills and the desire to develop and experiment are decisive drivers for tomorrow’s media intelligence – and we have that.

A strategic partner that delivers insight and advice

Infomedia is the strategic partner that offers insight and advice to strengthen our client’s strategic communication efforts across business areas, markets, and international borders.

In the chaotic media picture, where new social and digital channels constantly increase complexity, we make sure that our clients have access to the information they need.

We monitor your brand 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.

We analyze data from 150 million sources, pages and profiles and translate it into information relevant to your agenda – both the information you have requested and the information you didn’t know you were missing.

We provide information about influencers and agendas that are important to your business.

We contribute in the knowledge growth during the Danish lifespan. With over 70 million articles, our archive is a small part of Denmark’s history, and provides the basis for new knowledge. From early school students who research for assignments, to busy university students who research for their thesis, to top executives and communicators who, with the help of our insights, need to prioritize and make important strategic decisions.

With our focus set on a (not so distant) future, where we will be able to predict behavior based on our media data, we offer our customers analyses and insights that will strengthen their brand, business and bottom line – we call it “Insight for Impact”.


It is especially because of our employees that Infomedia is an inspiring company to be part of. We are a little under 200 colleagues who keep the wheels turning 24/7, to follow the news beat and provide insights to our customers around the clock. Some of us – about 70 – are students, which makes Infomedia a fun and unique workplace. The combination of experienced specialists and young colleagues with a fresh view of reality is crucial to our culture and our DNA.

Ownership and partnerships

Infomedia are active in several industry networks. We are a member of international organizations as FIBEP, AMEC and PDLN, that establish framework conditions and standards for media monitoring, analyses and copyright.

I Denmark we are a member of Danske Medier and IT-Brancheforeningen.

Infomedia is partly owned by JP/Politikens Hus A/S and Berlingske Media.