It is important for companies and organisations – private as well as public, large as well as small – to stay well-informed. With the best coverage on the market of traditional print media, web media, radio and television as well as social media, you can rest assured that we will find exactly what is important to you and your organisation. With our media monitoring service you get a quick and efficient overview of the media flow when you need it. You thereby avoid missing news that has importance for your company – no matter where in the world you operate.


We monitor the entire world

In a globalised world, it can be necessary to monitor several markets. With Scandinavia as our starting point, we therefore cover the entire world. Through our extensive network of international partners, our international media experts can customize a solution covering the exact media that are important to you. We have great experience in putting together complex solutions at a global level and if you have any doubt of which media can have special interest for your company or organisation, we can provide counselling on the media landscape in the specific country with the help of our local partners.