Infomedia wins award for CEO Superbrands

Infomedia was shortlisted and won in the category »Best use of measurement for a single event« at this year’s AMEC Awards in London. AMEC Awards are to our business, what the Oscars are to Hollywood, and this year it’s the 14th time the AMEC Awards are held.


We were shortlisted in two categories at the biggest award show in our business , and we brought a prize for our analysis of 40 of the biggest Danish CEOs and their brands back with us. The analysis CEO Superbrands was originally presented in January 2016.Infomedia wins award for CEO Superbrands

The story behind CEO Superbrands

On Monday January 18th 2016, Adidas announced that 53 year old Kasper Rørsted from Denmark would soon take over as the company’s new CEO. This caused an immediate 7 percent rise in the share value (€1.2 billion). This clearly demonstrates that having a well-established CEO brand is worth a lot of money. Share value is one way to demonstrate how the CEO can add value and trust to his company by actively participating in the company’s external communications. We wanted to explore the CEOs’ branding in different communication channels and simply ask: How does CEO branding work and what makes a CEO Superbrand?


What makes a CEO Superbrand?

To measure a CEO Superbrand we look at two measurement scores: A Media Score and a Panel Score. Together they make up the Brand Score.

A Media Score, which measures the CEO’s coverage in the news from six leading daily national newspapers,  2,966 articles in all in 2015. It is measured as the simple average of a Visibility Score and a PR Score.


A Panel Score, which is a survey-based measure of CEO’s within an exclusive communications panel consisting of Business Journalists and Communication Executives. The Panel score is measured as a simple average of how well the CEO is known, and how well the CEO is perceived.


How does CEO branding work?

To explain what drives CEO branding, Infomedia has developed a qualitative model, comprised of seven parameters describing the leadership attributes of the CEO, either explicitly or implicitly in the press:


Economic Performance is the main driver of CEO coverage in the news media. Very generally, the ones not performing economically have only little chance of scoring credit on other parameters or receiving high ranks in the overall benchmark. The second most important driver is Strategic Capabilities. Third is Social Responsibility, which has risen quite dramatically over the last three years. Frequently hyped management values such as Communication, HR, and Innovation are less important than the bottom line, when it comes to the journalists’ depictions of a CEO. Market Knowledge is primarily an important brand parameter for CEOs newly hired or soon to be fired.


The winner of this years’ CEO Superbrands was Lars Rebien Sørensen, CEO of Novo Nordisk. Lars Rebien received the best Media Score of 2015, presenting not only impeccable economic results, but also gainingeven more personal credit, as Harvard Business Review ranked him as the “Best Performing CEO in the World” because of his dedication to purpose-driven business.


The analysis of CEO Superbrands got broad attention from both stakeholders and Danish media, and we are happy to receive this recognition from The International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC). Thank you.